Jakarta Modest Fashion Week 2018

Hello and a very good day Designers and Brand owners! Are you looking to join an International Fashion Show organized by the most prestigious organizer of all time? Thinkfashion and Markamarie are here to bring out the very best fashion event in Jakarta, Indonesia this coming July 2018! With their connections and professional handlers, you wouldn’t wanna miss this time! Last year, Aere have been joining the Dubai Modest Fashion Week, facing right near the Burj Khalifa! (How’s that!?) And the show was a HUGE SUCCESS!! They were exposed throughout the globe under medias here and there and this is your chance to SHINE like them! For more details, check out the information provided below and you may contact iqarasol@gmail.com (Malaysian representative) for further inquiry. Wishing you the best, awesome people!

Download the PDF file below to read more:


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