About Us

Always shy at first but have plenty to talk about when you get to know me, here I am writing in my very own website filled with gems I’ve designed and poured my heart and soul into–my label.

Days and nights go by with my thoughts ever fleeting imagining of all the ideas that I have in mind and envisions all Muslim women alike to adorn themselves with the pieces that I one day want to physically see and touch.
Combining faith and fashion was never hard for me as it has been part of my life, my journey and my story. Beginning to sew by hand clothes for my dolls and making purses for my personal use as a little girl, I continued to pursue my studies and currently hold a Masters degree in Fashion Design & Technology. My first career as a Style Writer at Aquila Style magazine has taught me so much that I needed in order to prepare me to what I have for you today.

If you are an avid reader of my blog (My Amethyst), you might’ve had the slightest clue as to which styles I’m forever into and which of those I’m not. Bit if you’re new, I say welcome and it’s such a blessing to see you here.
I believe that my label here today is a platform for me to connect with my old and new readers and is a way for me to say thank you for all your sweet and loving support. My designs are basically my hugs for you.
Till we meet (online and offline) again one day!