About Us

The brand Shea Rasol KL was established in 2015 by the late Malaysian fashionista, Shea Rasol. It all started before she became the limelight of fashion, she has her own self-made red bow and the brand was called Glitzee. Later on she also produced a clothing line for muslimah, the Pastelina which she was partnered with her dear friend, Yani. She stopped doing that along the way to pursue her studies in Master of Fashion Design.

Shea Rasol was an International Blogger, TV Host, Online Magazine Writer, Fashion Buyer at a renown fashion retailing company and Entrepreneur who started her journey through the world of business. Shea was known for her quirky, modern and modest style throughout her adventure in the fashion industry. The darling founder passed away on the 9th of June 2017 (14 Ramadhan 1438H) at the age of 29 and left her indelible mark with her brand, Shea Rasol KL. Her passing is an enormous loss to her family and friends, therefore to ensure that her inspirations and aspirations are continuously cherished and remembered, her legacy is continued by her family and team.

The first boutique was opened in Bangi Sentral and now only focussing on online sales through www.shearasol.com and Zalora Malaysia www.zalora.com.my

Shea Rasol KL was seen on television shows such as Nasi Lemak Kopi O, SIS TV9, Feminine RTM1 and many more. The brand has been featured multiple times by various magazines and newspapers too. Many amazing opportunities came her way and she experienced such great joy by joining international fashion events in Sydney, Jakarta and Philippines to name a few and her items was seen on social medias and influencers/celebrities around the globe including United States of America, Egypt, Australia, Paris, Frankfurt, Dubai, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Thailand and many more.

Be sure to keep on a lookout for our new updates, as we will bring you more exciting things to come!